Safe international transportation of pharmaceutical goods

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Warehouse services comply with international rules and standards


  • acceptance of the received goods by quantity, names and series, according to the accompanying documents
  • identification in the process of acceptance of a non-marketable type of goods, fight
  • correct and timely labeling of pallets
  • correct and timely completion of the Goods Acceptance Certificate
  • correct and timely movement of goods to the storage area
  • informing the Representative of the owner of the cargo in case of discrepancies in the acceptance of goods in terms of quantity and quality


  • ensuring the safety and compliance with the conditions of storage of goods in a warehouse: placing goods on racks according to the cell storage address
  • control of the expiration date and storage of goods in the warehouse
  • organization of works on carrying out deratization and disinfestation measures; wet cleaning of the premises and equipment of the warehouse
  • control of illumination of the premises and equipment of the warehouse; timely verification of measuring instruments

Quality control

  • determination of the conformity of the received goods with the established requirements for this product
  • GDP-adapted procedures for incoming and outgoing control of goods


  • checking the suitability of the vehicle for shipment
  • control of compliance of the shipped goods with the established requirements for this product
  • operational process of loading goods into a vehicle in accordance with accompanying documents

The warehouse is equipped with modern equipment and systems:

  • security alarm

  • fire alarm

  • fire extinguishing system

  • video surveillance system

  • ventilation and air conditioning system

  • round-the-clock temperature monitoring system

  • Warehouse and cold room validated
  • Instruments measuring temperature and humidity are checked regularly
  • The customs warehouse is a customs control zone and is monitored around the clock by the customs using video cameras, the online broadcast of which is remotely displayed in the customs monitoring center

The warehouse is convenient and safe for loading and unloading

  • arrival / departure of vehicles to the warehouse site is located along the road
  • the warehouse area for the entrance of the car is under video surveillance and is under the control of internal security and customs